Nice costuming of rinko there sora. I normally do wonder where people get clothes so perfect to suit a character they are cosplaying. X3

I really wanna cosplay Anon , but my long hair is like... cut to boy-style now. =/

what to do~


Ive come across this page a GREAT many times when I was searching for art. I just could not stand it anymore, i wanted to be a part of this community. Im a big fan of Anon's by the way. ;D Robert comes next.

I like to browse art related to Ueki, especially if they have my two favourite characters. I like the ueki soundtrack too. Im a sucker for almost all game BGMs and anime ost's.

I myself do some Ueki art, but im not very good at it I have to say... but I LOVE drawing as a hobby. In fact, today I drew a random comic >_> completely out of boredom.



The rest of my Art can be found here.

By the way... ive always liked mewarrow's display picture. <3

New here!

Hi, there. I'm new to this community. I'm Tempura! ^-^ I got into Law of Ueki a little while ago and I love it to bits! Unfortunately, by the time I got to the 7th episode, I believe FUNimation purchased it!! I'm sorry I couldn't post with a fanart or fic or something, but I hope to have one ready soon~
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Madman Caligula

[Fic] When Will I Touch Your Heart Again

Title: When Will I Touch Your Heart Again
Author: dayofcaligula 
Pairing/Character(s): Kosuke Ueki x Ai Mori
Fandom: The Law of Ueki
Disclaimer: I don't own The Law of Ueki or any of its characters, obviously.
Summary: I've been waiting for him ever since he went away to save those precious memories and life as I constantly evolve around his magic. That was what's left of me.

'Come back to me no matter what!'Collapse )
Btw, I'm a new member and let's keep this community alive and kicking!
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Download request

Um, hi! the rules say to introduce yourself, so...

You can call me Sora. I won the 4th Ueki DVD (American release) in a contest and watched it and loved it (even though i had no idea what was going on. Yay for starting in the middle!). Then the Asian channel I get started to play it and I really fell in love with it! My favorite character is Robert, I think ^^;;; Mitsuki Saiga voiced evil genius boys are love ♥

I'm planning a Rinko cosplay to hopefully wear this summer. I'll post pics once I do ^^

Okay. Now, I feel really bad about asking this, but both the American DVDs and the channel I was watching it on stop at episode 36, I believe. Does anyone know where I can download the rest of the series? I know download requests are annoying, but I'm really desperate to watch the rest >< Thanks so much!