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New fan looking for screencaps

Hey, I'm Timber. Since that's been my nickname for a few years now, I guess it was fate that I'd stumble onto The Law of Ueki sooner or later. Well, I did, and fell in love with it. (And Kobayashi. >>; ) I just started reading the manga recently, and it's a lot of fun.
I'd like to make some icons and maybe a wallpaper or two, but I can't find screenshots. (I've already found manga scans.) I don't download or torrent anime (not enough hard drive space for a lot of video files, and I'm afraid of torrents anyway), and screenshoting directly from YouTube works, but the quality is horrible. I'd really like to know where I can find some relatively high-quality (or at least better than YouTube) screenshots.
If anybody knows of a good resource for Law of Ueki screencaps, I'd really appreciate it if you'd share a link. :3
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