Anon paper craft doll.

I have gotten into the Axis Powers Hetalia fandom recently and there are some fan-made paper craft doll templates of them. Today I decided to make a custom one of.... who else? Anon, of course. The template is free for anyone to use.

Photos here:

Template here:
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More Random Anon Stuff I did.

Yeah, im such a biased fangirl. >w< I need to have more characters to' fan' over. The first link is a vector tracing I did from a screenshot, the second is a random drawing I found somewhere random. And then *points at my avatar* , I did something really epic.
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New fan looking for screencaps

Hey, I'm Timber. Since that's been my nickname for a few years now, I guess it was fate that I'd stumble onto The Law of Ueki sooner or later. Well, I did, and fell in love with it. (And Kobayashi. >>; ) I just started reading the manga recently, and it's a lot of fun.
I'd like to make some icons and maybe a wallpaper or two, but I can't find screenshots. (I've already found manga scans.) I don't download or torrent anime (not enough hard drive space for a lot of video files, and I'm afraid of torrents anyway), and screenshoting directly from YouTube works, but the quality is horrible. I'd really like to know where I can find some relatively high-quality (or at least better than YouTube) screenshots.
If anybody knows of a good resource for Law of Ueki screencaps, I'd really appreciate it if you'd share a link. :3
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Law of ueki merchandise

Im having doubts that there are any TLOU figurines or plush toys or ANYTHING for that matter. Ive actually been hoping to find anything related to Robert or Anon. Does anyone know where I can buy anything Robert/Anon ? On the internet perhaps?

Im thinking that they can be found in japan somewhere, but I dont know japanese or how to browse japanese websites.

just posting this up in hopes that someone has any clue. I should have asked a few years back when the fandom was still strong >_> if worse comes to worse il make one my own 8D

The Star Prince?

I was reading Ueki+, and I came upon a character who calls himself the Star Prince. They mention his real name twice, but as Chiloro and Chiluo. Does anyone know if it's Chiloru, Chiluo, or both?
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