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~The Law of Ueki~'s Journal

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3rd November 2009

dragonicwolf2:35am: Anon paper craft doll.
I have gotten into the Axis Powers Hetalia fandom recently and there are some fan-made paper craft doll templates of them. Today I decided to make a custom one of.... who else? Anon, of course. The template is free for anyone to use.

Photos here: http://fc05.deviantart.com/fs50/f/2009/306/a/f/Anon_paper_craft_by_dragonicwolf.jpg

Template here: http://fc03.deviantart.com/fs51/f/2009/306/f/a/Anon_paper_craft_template_by_dragonicwolf.png
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16th August 2009

dragonicwolf8:33pm: More Random Anon Stuff I did.
Yeah, im such a biased fangirl. >w< I need to have more characters to' fan' over. The first link is a vector tracing I did from a screenshot, the second is a random drawing I found somewhere random. And then *points at my avatar* , I did something really epic.


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5th May 2009

tempuratokei7:53pm: Happy 18th, Hideyoshi! Party hard on Cinco de Mayo!
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23rd April 2009

timbeon9:40pm: New fan looking for screencaps
Hey, I'm Timber. Since that's been my nickname for a few years now, I guess it was fate that I'd stumble onto The Law of Ueki sooner or later. Well, I did, and fell in love with it. (And Kobayashi. >>; ) I just started reading the manga recently, and it's a lot of fun.
I'd like to make some icons and maybe a wallpaper or two, but I can't find screenshots. (I've already found manga scans.) I don't download or torrent anime (not enough hard drive space for a lot of video files, and I'm afraid of torrents anyway), and screenshoting directly from YouTube works, but the quality is horrible. I'd really like to know where I can find some relatively high-quality (or at least better than YouTube) screenshots.
If anybody knows of a good resource for Law of Ueki screencaps, I'd really appreciate it if you'd share a link. :3
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1st February 2009

dragonicwolf3:07am: Law of ueki merchandise
Im having doubts that there are any TLOU figurines or plush toys or ANYTHING for that matter. Ive actually been hoping to find anything related to Robert or Anon. Does anyone know where I can buy anything Robert/Anon ? On the internet perhaps?

Im thinking that they can be found in japan somewhere, but I dont know japanese or how to browse japanese websites.

just posting this up in hopes that someone has any clue. I should have asked a few years back when the fandom was still strong >_> if worse comes to worse il make one my own 8D

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5th January 2009

tempuratokei3:55pm: Happy Birthday Inumaru!
Today is Inumaru's 31st birthday(if I've been counting right)!

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24th November 2008

tempuratokei2:59pm: The Star Prince?
I was reading Ueki+, and I came upon a character who calls himself the Star Prince. They mention his real name twice, but as Chiloro and Chiluo. Does anyone know if it's Chiloru, Chiluo, or both?
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7th November 2008

dragonicwolf11:21pm: oo
Nice costuming of rinko there sora. I normally do wonder where people get clothes so perfect to suit a character they are cosplaying. X3

I really wanna cosplay Anon , but my long hair is like... cut to boy-style now. =/

what to do~

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4th November 2008

soraryuu8:18am: Rinko cosplay
Hi! I cosplayed Rinko at Manga Next on Halloween and wanted to share ^_^

PicsCollapse )

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10th October 2008

dragonicwolf6:08pm: yo
Ive come across this page a GREAT many times when I was searching for art. I just could not stand it anymore, i wanted to be a part of this community. Im a big fan of Anon's by the way. ;D Robert comes next.

I like to browse art related to Ueki, especially if they have my two favourite characters. I like the ueki soundtrack too. Im a sucker for almost all game BGMs and anime ost's.

I myself do some Ueki art, but im not very good at it I have to say... but I LOVE drawing as a hobby. In fact, today I drew a random comic >_> completely out of boredom.



The rest of my Art can be found here.

By the way... ive always liked mewarrow's display picture. <3

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1st October 2008

tunafish3:32pm: The Law of Ueki to continue DVD sales
Hey guys, Ueki has been picked up by funimation! After geneon suffered that huge loss, I never thought we'd be hearing from this again.

We should be able to expect DVDs sometime next year.
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11th July 2008

tempuratokei4:43pm: New here!
Hi, there. I'm new to this community. I'm Tempura! ^-^ I got into Law of Ueki a little while ago and I love it to bits! Unfortunately, by the time I got to the 7th episode, I believe FUNimation purchased it!! I'm sorry I couldn't post with a fanart or fic or something, but I hope to have one ready soon~
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dayofcaligula11:45pm: [Fic] When Will I Touch Your Heart Again
Title: When Will I Touch Your Heart Again
Author: dayofcaligula 
Pairing/Character(s): Kosuke Ueki x Ai Mori
Fandom: The Law of Ueki
Disclaimer: I don't own The Law of Ueki or any of its characters, obviously.
Summary: I've been waiting for him ever since he went away to save those precious memories and life as I constantly evolve around his magic. That was what's left of me.

'Come back to me no matter what!'Collapse )
Btw, I'm a new member and let's keep this community alive and kicking!
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19th April 2008

ephemeralize9:22am: Here it is, chapter three.

This will mark my last post updating you guys about new chapters for plus. If you still want updates, watch transcendently~! Thanks guys. ♥

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11th April 2008

ephemeralize12:40am: ueki plus two
Ueki PURASU Chapter Two(!!!)

Over here, please do give these guys a thank you! They've really worked their butts off for Ueki. ;____;)b!

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4th April 2008

soraryuu6:39pm: Download request
Um, hi! the rules say to introduce yourself, so...

You can call me Sora. I won the 4th Ueki DVD (American release) in a contest and watched it and loved it (even though i had no idea what was going on. Yay for starting in the middle!). Then the Asian channel I get started to play it and I really fell in love with it! My favorite character is Robert, I think ^^;;; Mitsuki Saiga voiced evil genius boys are love ♥

I'm planning a Rinko cosplay to hopefully wear this summer. I'll post pics once I do ^^

Okay. Now, I feel really bad about asking this, but both the American DVDs and the channel I was watching it on stop at episode 36, I believe. Does anyone know where I can download the rest of the series? I know download requests are annoying, but I'm really desperate to watch the rest >< Thanks so much!

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5th April 2008

ephemeralize5:55am: yay yay yay yay
After...most likely a YEAR of waiting: here it is!


Get it here. ♥♥ :DDD

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26th January 2008

ephemeralize9:47pm: Updates on Tsubasa!
kiirobon told me this, so it's all thanks to him! :D


The official Shonen Sunday website says:

福地 翼

福地先生が新作読切を引っさげて登場!! 内容やイラストは次週をお楽しみに!!

AnimeNewsNetwork says:

Tsubasa Fukuchi, the creator of The Law of Ueki adventure manga and anime series, is drawing a one-shot manga titled Takkoku!! for this year's 13th issue (on sale February 27) of Shogakukan's Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine in Japan. A preview of the title's story and artwork will be revealed next week. Takkoku!! will be the seventh in a series of one-shot manga that Weekly Shonen Sunday is publishing this year....


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5th January 2008

ex_cupid2:17pm: Icons
15x Klonoa
9x The Law of Ueki
9x Tales of the Abyss

( Click Here )

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ruka_mikan179:29pm: Ueki Fanlisting
please join!

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4th January 2008


"Must like a whore unpack my heart with words…" - (Hamlet, II, ii, 571)

10_shakespeare, a fic community that challenges you to take a quote from Shakespeare and write a piece expressing that quote. You pick a fandom, then a Shakespearian play where all of your quotes will come from. 10 quotes; 10 pieces. Original works and Shakespearian fandoms are welcomed as well. Not familiar with Shakespeare? Perfectly fine, the challenge is centered around the quotes rather than the plays themselves.

Work with lines such as, "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players” (As You Like It) or "If love be rough with you, be rough with love" (Romeo and Juliet). Think you have what it takes to face the bard? Then try the challenge!

xposted in billions of places. mods, if not allowed: please delete! thank you.

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29th December 2007

mewarrow8:09am: Eh...Mp3s!
Th-th-this is allowed, right??? D=

I ripped mp3 from The Law of Song Collection.

Well, if anyone even wants/needs it anyway >_>;;;

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